Our Dentistry

Dr. McGonigle and Dr. Maskell offer the complete array of dental services. When you look for an office to provide complete care, you will find it here. Our doctors have a unique blend of talent and experience. While both are skilled in all phases of general dentistry (fillings, crowns, etc.)

Dr. McGonigle has focused her channeled her career in three areas. Primarily, she works as a restorative dentist. That means that whether there is one tooth with a small cavity or a mouthful of worn, unattractive teeth, she can restore them to full function and beauty. Although she is often called a “Cosmetic Dentist”, it is her belief that all teeth restored to optimal health and function should also look beautiful.

Dr. Maskell, too, is skilled general dentist. He has also focused on the surgical and sedation aspects of dentistry. He is comfortable with all levels of extractions and other surgeries. There are many people who feel unable to get the dental care they need because of severe dental anxiety. Dr. Maskell has the special training and licensing to provide deep relaxation with IV sedation. Not to be confused with general anesthesia, the patient remains conscious during the procedure.

Carol and Kevin do share a commitment to providing our patients with the best care possible.